Blueberry sales BURSA

14 Ekim
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Ready to plant seedlings are usually 20-30 cm tall and can be easily planted by hand. These seedlings cannot tolerate lack of water, excessive or less fertilizer applications after planting. Two old seedlings ready for planting are 30-45 cm in length. The root bale of these seedlings is approximately the volume of a 1 liter container. After planting in the garden, these saplings, which have the most durability, are yielded 3 years after planting.

3-year old seedlings ready for planting have shoots of 50-75 cm tall and are preferred by the producers who want to buy products in the 2nd year after planting.

Garden plants must be free of disease and correct seedlings should be used. Saplings should be purchased from companies that are experts in their fields and healthy production.


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